8 Outfits Women Over 40 Will and Won’t Wear


We consistently turn to women over 40 for much of our sartorial direction. After all, we consider this set to be certified experts given their time developing polished personal wardrobes after style trial and error over the years.

While we recently highlighted the jeans women over 40 love, we thought we’d focus next on the specific ensembles some of the coolest women over 40 gravitate toward in their day-to-day. After all, who better to nab a little outfit inspiration from than those with that primo fashion knowledge?

And to dig even deeper into the matter, we thought you’d also be interested in the looks these women don’t really wear anymore to add to that outfit inspo journey. Of course, age really has nothing to do with what you should and shouldn’t wear—but hey, there might be something worth taking note of with the style advice coming your way.

With all that said, keep scrolling to check out the outfits five women over 40 will and won’t wear for work, the weekend, and going out. Plus, shop staples throughout that will work for anyone at any age. And also note that everything coming your way is based on personal preference from the women featured—you should always wear whatever you personally love and what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

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